How to Play Bloons Tower Defense Game

Bloons tower defense is a balloons game which is hosted in a town or a city which was build and was annoyed by a money. Here in this blows tower defense game you need to shoot all the balloons crossing the town. The most balloons you shoot will add you more points. Once all the bloons tower defense 5 unblock have crossed the level and the most you shoot then you will win the game. This game can be played in online for free and also you can play the game at any time. Once you play this game then you can understand its flavor.

How to Play Btd4 Unblocked game in Online

Any one can play the blond tower defense game in online, for that you need to follow the simply steps that are provided below.

  • First you need to visit the official unblocked website.
  • Now you need to enable the adobe flash player installed on your device.
  • If your device does not have the Adobe player installed in it, then you must download it from the official Adobe website.
  • Now once the player is installed you need to enable it.
  • For enabling go to chrome>>extensions>>Adobe. Click on enable button.
  • Once you enable the player, simply reload the website.
  • Now on the top your game will start.
  • Simply click on the play button to start the game.


With this you have got an idea of how to play the bloons tower defense 5 unblocked game. You can play the game at any time for free, Also you can share the article in the social networking sites like Facebook and google. Share as much as you can so that it may help others.