How do I Know the Right EFI Tuner?

Which EFI tuner is the right EFI tuner and which is right for you?  In 1999, one of the leading EFI Harley-Davidson Road Glides required upgrades in its power; R & R stage III, 211 cams and SE slip on muffler. It was important to find an EFI live tuning source. At the time, the choice for aftermarket EFI tuner options was very limited. Research is unending to find the best EFI race tuner. A master of power at a performance shop recommended a remarkable company that they had been working with; the company has been a leader in this field of EFI Tuners. They did the work on the original Marelli EFI Injector, writing the code for the ECU program codes that were required to keep the heart of the motorcycle pumping out the wonderful one potato two potato notes. Here is a list of the features and benefits to look for in the right EFI tuner:

EFI Tuner Comparisons 

V&H Fuel Pak, Power commander, Twin Fueler, Doe beck, TMAX, Daytona Twn Tec, S&S VFI, RevPerf Performance, Screamin Eagle Pro Super Tuner, TTS MasterTune, PowerVision, Direct Link, Dealer Flash, Aftermarket Flash, Piggyback, ECU Replacement/Auto Tune, ECU Delphi Tuners, Digital Technician, SuperChips,

Piggyback Systems 

These systems allow for fuel adjustment and they need to have the factory O2 sensors sealed. These systems cannot adjust all of the support tables like cranking fuel, warm up fuel, IAC position, idle rpm, acceleration, deceleration, throttle progressivity, no engine parameters. They either cannot do any ignition control or like a Power commander, a very limited amount.

All You Need To Know About Kundli and New Kundli Software Are Here!

A Kundli or a birth horoscope is an astrological chart. This chart is created keeping in mind a variety of different aspects of a person's life. Starting from the exact birth date, time, and place of an individual, Kundli or the personal horoscope has a long lineage since the beginning of the Vedic astrology system. Curated by an efficient astrologer, Kundli denotes the positions of the various planets, including the Sun, Moon, astrological aspects, and significant angles, at the time of one's birth which has a significant relationship with the future predictions and compatibility and can also be used to gain some insights into an individual's personality, potential endeavors and so on. The major Indian rituals from everyday horoscope reading to the sacred bond of marriages surround the Kundlis. For instance, without the matching of the gunas, the bride and groom can not be termed fit for one another.

The importance of Kundli.

An astrologer, well versed in his craft, determines the exact local mean time at the place of birth, which in turn is used in the calculation of the Ascendant or the rising Sign of the native. Thereafter, the Kundli is divided into a stack of twelve Houses. The first house starts with the Ascendant, and all the other Houses then numbered in an anti-clockwise direction. The House positions shall always remain fixed for an individual's Kundli. The only movement is seen between various signs and planets which move through the twelve houses for specific periods which may range over the course of days, weeks, months, or even years of one's life span. Every house placed in a Kundli has some significance over the individual's life that could be indicative of various events, possibilities, or even at times mishaps. The time tested principles of the Vedic astrology that are solely run on Vedic wisdom and faith can actually be a more positive and calmer approach to one's life cause there is nothing better than presenting oneself, some sort of stability.

Kundlis and their ability to simplify life :

It isn't unusual to keep faith in the powers that exist beyond human intervention. They say faith is might and so there's no solid proof when it comes to pinpointing the authenticity of the supernatural powers. Not everything is centered around the perception of logic and there are many things that human logistics can't justify or reason out with. With precise faith in the age-old Vedic system and the governing of planets and stars that shape our journey of life, it is very important to keep a track of the possibilities via the Kundli. The Kundli has a lot of information regarding an individual's nature, preferences, character, finances, career, health, intelligence, relationships, and several other aspects of life. These Kundlis can help one discover the most suitable paths and make the most profitable life choices. They also are known to possess the power to help predict the most faithful and most unfavorable times well in advance.


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Expert Reviews to Choose The Best AC Brands In India

The scorching sunlight is over the head, and while you return home, you rush fast to the shower for reasons known. You come out to your heated room and cannot find a bit to relax for. This is when you would regret not having an air conditioner. The air condition industry went through an extensive amount of change in recent years. But today, the Best AC in India have gained a large market control because people of all tiers can afford a machine now for the comforts during peak summers.

Given the soaring temperatures in the subcontinent since global warming, ACs have been a common household necessity, unlike earlier luxury. But it is imperative to mention one fact that the air conditioners contribute a significant part of the electricity bill because of their high energy consumption. In this case, today the renowned state-of-the-art AC brands are delivering optimum climate control in times of both humid summer and chilling cold, respectively. Some of the particular category of reviews that can help you choose the right product are –

Efficiency: The mark of a good air conditioner is in its capacity of consuming minimum and controlled energy. A good review can make you choose the right way to a split inverter AC instead of normal or window variants because low energy efficiency becomes the deciding factor.

Capacity: The capacity of an AC is measured in the liters of water that it can condition through. So good reviews can help you choose the right product based on your conditioning area/room. A 1.5 Litre variant is most suitable for a normal-sized bedroom.

Brands: Keeping an eye on the list of Reviews can make you choose from the field of variegated sensor technologies to impart smart cooling with an efficient energy efficient star rating. Brands use the special swing feature regulates the cooling direction in such a way to optimize cooling while minimizing the wastage of cooling.

Common Issues

Air conditioners come with their various sensor technologies to impart smart cooling and humidity control. Still, it is the filter that marks the passage for the conditioning and is the deciding element that needs to be checked after cooling is disturbed (no cooling or low cooling).


How to Play Bloons Tower Defense Game

Bloons tower defense is a balloons game which is hosted in a town or a city which was build and was annoyed by a money. Here in this blows tower defense game you need to shoot all the balloons crossing the town. The most balloons you shoot will add you more points. Once all the bloons tower defense 5 unblock have crossed the level and the most you shoot then you will win the game. This game can be played in online for free and also you can play the game at any time. Once you play this game then you can understand its flavor.

How to Play Btd4 Unblocked game in Online

Any one can play the blond tower defense game in online, for that you need to follow the simply steps that are provided below.

  • First you need to visit the official unblocked website.
  • Now you need to enable the adobe flash player installed on your device.
  • If your device does not have the Adobe player installed in it, then you must download it from the official Adobe website.
  • Now once the player is installed you need to enable it.
  • For enabling go to chrome>>extensions>>Adobe. Click on enable button.
  • Once you enable the player, simply reload the website.
  • Now on the top your game will start.
  • Simply click on the play button to start the game.


Chromecast | A Suitable Device To Access Internet On Your Smart Television

Google has created numerous techs and devices that are frequently being used by each and every person round the globe.  One of the well known devices present nowadays is known as Chromecast, it is a device that you may plug into your television’s HDMI port which is basically powered by a USB cable. Through this, you may access internet connection in your smart phone as well.  Different online portals such as you tube, Netflix, Google play store & other services. With this device, you can stream any type of content from internet using chrome browser. This device is actually very helpful and beneficial; it is available in various online stores at reasonable prices.

Why would anyone look for this device if they are already having Smartphone or any other resources?

In present time, every person around the world have Smartphone, laptops and other portable devices through which they may access internet and stream videos from different online portals. But these videos or contents you will be able to access in smaller screens, if you wish to watch videos on a bigger screen lying on your bed in most comfortable state, these Chromecast devices will be the most appropriate solution for you in this case. Just fix them on your television’s USB port and enjoy your favorite videos online in bigger screen. Enjoy these videos on bigger screens so that you may be able to see your stuffs in a better resolution with bigger screen. Download Chromecast Extension For Your Smart TVs.

How one can fix Chromecast?

It is actually very easy to set up Chromecast without any major problem. All you are required to just a Smart television and a controller device. Instructions on how to set up Chromecast on your television are given below:

  • The process is completely simple, all you are required just to plug the device in your television, and that must be a Smart television that may support the device and internet on it.
  • You should also have a controller that gives instructions to the device; this could be your Smartphone or any other thing. Following the instructions from the controller device will act in the same way as your Smartphone or PC does.
  • Now the next step is to connect your Chromecast device and controller device to the same Wi-Fi connection. Through this only, you will be able to access the internet connectivity on your television.
  • Your television should be a Smart television that can support USB connection as well as Internet connection too. An ordinary television may not be able to facilitate you with this much services.


ECU Replacement/Auto Tune

TMAX uses the Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor. They have failed to give the utility for "free" air calibration of the O2 sensor. Overtime a TMAX with the uncalibrated sensor will tune itself out and the bike will run poorly. Ignition curves have always been an issue. The Daytona system will work and will allow for "free" air calibration. They have always had trouble with start-up and warm up and IAC function and control. Fuel control will be okay if the sensors are calibrated periodically. Ignition will be a problem without a dynamo.

S&S VFI with Auto Tune seems to work. Ignition is an issue. Warm up and start up when cold is a little problematic until the O2 sensors are warmed up and sending data. Rev Perf Performance takes your Delphi ECU, adds the wideband sensors and they change data settings in your ECU then you re-install. O2 sensors can be calibrated. There have been problems on the newer 2011 and 2012 bikes. Auto Tuning and sensor accuracy with all of these systems will be the issue.

Top Five Benefits 

1. Data logging and data that is usable 

2. Auto tuning on Dyno - narrow band and wide band 

3. Price 

4. Technical Support 

5. Ease of use

3 Career Paths to Become a High-paid Certified Welder

Are you considering changing careers? Are you thinking about being a welder that’s certified and earns well? Perhaps you’re not in tune with reality; you are probably aware shortage of welders in the country. With the rise in the construction of steel related projects, there’s a vacuum need to be filled for welders that are certified for high-tech jobs now than in the 1970's. If you are seriously thinking about becoming a welder, you have a choice in your hands that could go a long way to determine your career future.

These options are open to you: 

Attend a local community technical college

Enrol in one of the big three welding schools

Apply for an apprenticeship to one of the skilled trades unions

Attending a local community technical college can save you tons of money on tuition fee, but the case will be a whole lot different if the instructor is first-class. This might be a fast way to becoming a technically underprivileged welder instead of a top-notch welder. Since the pay of welding instructors at a technical college is low, it’s expected that the requirements for enrolling will be minimal as well. Sometimes what you see is what you get. However, there are technical colleges that would match up to standard at least. Your career is involved here and you can’t risk making a wrong choice.


Registering in any of the above mentioned schools is a smart route to becoming a welder that earns well. These schools are Lincoln Welding training, Hobart Institute of Welding and Tulsa School of Welding. They all have sterling reputations The schools also have top-notch welding instructors for graduating certified welders. The schools tuition and distance may be a hurdle to most students.

Enrolling for an internship program to one of the skilled trade associations is a smart move for unemployed persons. The fourth option is: Lincoln and Hobart. They have welding programs that spans for one or two weeks. The program costs about $400/week including other expense, most times; it may not exceed $1500 if you want to test the waters.

This could be a very good opportunity, you could be lucky to get a welder job after being trained for 2 weeks only. I’ll recommend visiting a resident college to see the kind of instructions that are obtainable. This step will guide you career decision when choosing the best welding school.

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